Have you felt it?

The warm sun on your freckled face in the summer;

the smell of the fresh cut grass;

the sweet aroma of the lilacs that are falling from the

weight of the heavy flowers over the driveway?

Have you danced in the sun, thinking that the day would have no end?

Have you felt the wind in your clothes as you stand with your bare feet

touching the wet grass after the rain?

Is that a dream?

No, it's the freedom of the summer garden from a distant memory...

With this project, my goal was to recreate the sublime feeling

that we get in the garden of our memories.

This memory, or longing for the past experiences that nobody can catch

is like a bittersweet dream that we all take with us to the now

and to the concrete jungles, where many of us live.

I set myself the goal to  nd a way to bring the garden in an

aesthetic way to the everyday, to make clothes for the urban jungle

from the garden of my memories.

The clothes should give the wearer the feeling of freedom

just like a child playing in a garden.

With all the layers, shapes and textures,

they create the quirky elegance that I am longing for.