‘If you look the right way, you can see

that the whole world is a garden.’


― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden



There is a garden for everybody, whether it is sensual or playful, perfectly organised or overgrowing. One could even say that there is a secret garden in all of us.


With this collection, I create my very own secret gardens. They are all in overalls.

The ‘one zip off and on’ piece has made its way from the masculine work clothing to become the mystical garment of comfort.

The fine line between reality and fantasy, the metaphor of a secret garden, stands in the centre of my collection. The layer of concrete in the shoes is the single little reminder of the city and grows into a part of my garden. The wearer becomes a reflection of the blooming garden in the urban jungle where she lives. The collection’s goal is to make our everyday life just a little bit more like the secret garden within.


The feeling of being whole, the comfort in the beauty and elegance, the moment of mystery and in all that being strongly bound to the earth is the essence of my collection.

Credits: IMD Basel, Anneli Loorits Photography